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Licensing agency cash controls open to abuse, audit finds

Maryland’s central licensing agency the Division of Occuptional and Professional Licensing (DOPL) did not establish proper internal controls over collections received by certain boards and commissions, the slstate Legislatie Auditor reported February 27. Repeating findings that date back to 1999, the auditor said, the division “did not ensure all recorded collections were deposited.”

Among the questionable practices: three of the four boards and commissions reviewed did not independently verify that all recorded cash collections were deposited, one employee with access to the cash receipts also had the ability to approve online licenses, and DOPL employees with access to cash receipts could misappropriate receipts and avoid detection by altering the electronic records.
The division regulates 24 business occupations and professions with more than 227,000 licensees and expenditures of about $9.7 million in 2013.

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